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Online Access Yes
Interest Free
56 Days
Points / Rewards No
Min Income
Average User Rating

Representative 17.9% APR variable. Based on assumed borrowing of £1200. Rate of interest 17.9% (variable) annual.


YourPoints World MasterCard from NatWest is a standard credit card with a fair range of features for flexible borrowing. It has a competitive interest rate.

Interest Charges

This credit card has a representative APR of 17.9%. This rate applies to purchases and is the effective rate (including fees) that you will be charged.

Interest Free Period

An interest free period of 56 days is provided by NatWest. This period is the number of days after a transaction before interest is applied to the balance. If the balance is cleared in full within this time, no interest will be charged to your account.

Balance Transfers & Purchase Intros

Most card issuers offer balance transfer cards which allow borrowers to transfer debt from one credit card to another (typically a new additional card) and avoid or defer paying interest on the amount transfered for the duration of the offer. Most issuers will charge a one-off charge of up to 4% if a balance transfer is used.

0% introductory purchase offers allow customers to make purchases on a credit card without incurring interest over the duration of a deal - which is typically 6, 12, or 14 months. Such offers allow users to borrow money at no cost providing that minimum repayment costs are met each month and any purchase balances are cleared before the end of the offer.

We suggest visiting the NatWest web site for information on the latest offers.

Annual Effective Rates (AER) Explained

Certain interest rates are expressed as Annual Effective Rates to factor the compounding of interest charges and fees over time periods (days / months) during a year. As different issuers of credit cards may incur interest and fee charges at seperate stages, AER is a recognised method of making composite comparisons of interest charging financial products and services.


NatWest require a minimum repayment each month. This is in addition to paying off interest, fees, ppi premiums (optional), and a part of the annual fee if applicable. The minimum monthly re-payment is often subject to a minimum amount in pounds. If the outstanding balance is less than the specified minimum then the balance must be paid in full.

If you only ever pay the minimum amount required, it will take longer to clear the balance and the overall cost of using the credit card may be higher.


The YourPoints World MasterCard does not have an annual fee. There is a minimum cash advance charge of £3.00. The card has a transaction fee of 2.75% for international use where a currency conversion to sterling is undertaken.

Usage Incentives

NatWest has a points scheme, where points are awarded for purchases which can be redeemed at a later point with certain retailers. The majority of schemes offer one or two points per pound spent using the credit card.

The YourPoints World MasterCard does not have a cash back rewards scheme.

Card Services

You can access your NatWest credit card account online to view your transactions / statements and make online payments.

Apply for a YourPoints World MasterCard

Customers applying for the YourPoints World MasterCard from NatWest are required to a have a minimum income of £10,000.

The majority of credit card issuers allow users to apply online for their services, making the process fast and efficient. We suggest the following tips for a successful credit card application:
  • Find out your current credit status and score before making an application. You can do this for a small fee with a leading credit reference agency such as Equifax or Experian.
  • Try to choose a credit card that suits your current situation and income. Avoid making numerous applications in short succession.
  • When making the application be sure to have your personal, financial and employment details to hand.
  • Some card issuers may require you to disclose any current debts that you may have.
  • If you are planning to do a balance transfer, be sure to have your current credit card details available as many providers cater for transfers during the application process.

Representative 17.9% APR variable. Based on assumed borrowing of £1200. Rate of interest 17.9% (variable) annual.

Interest Rates (AER)
    Monthly Rate Annual Rate
    1.38% 17.9%
Interest Free Period 56 Days
Annual Fee No Fee
Cash Advance Fee Min Charge of £3.00
Online Account Access Yes
Cashback No
Airmiles No
Shopping Rewards No
Points Programme Yes
Minimum Income £10,000

User Ratings

With 137 user ratings this credit card has an average score of 4 out of 5 stars.

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